Do you have condensation, fog, dampness, moisture or haze in your double pane thermal windows? We can fix that!

Thermal windows have a chamber of gas locked between two panes of glass that acts as insulation to reduce heat loss through the window. When the factory seal fails, moisture forms causing unsightly condensation to appear in the window. This problem will worsen over time as more moisture enters the window, further reducing visibility. If left untreated, irreversible damage will be caused to the window and adjoining structure. Build up of excess moisture also contributes to the accumulation of hazardous mould.

Once the factory seal is broken there is an alternative to extremely costly window replacement. Glasspro can repair thermal window condensation at a fraction of the cost. Replacement of the window assembly can compromise the building envelope and increase your chances of future leaks. We can remove the fog within windows quickly and easily without replacing your window frames.

Using our proprietary technology, we are able to fully restore the original clarity of the window. Our trained professionals will effectively complete your window repair using industry best practices. Our flexable scheduling allows us to perform the work at the time which works best for you. And our straightforward pricing guarantees no surprise charges when the work is finished. We strive to deliver exemplary service to every customer.



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