Need a window assessment for insurance or legal reasons? We do that too!

Obtaining a detailed Window Damage Assessment is the critical first step taken on the path to achieving restoration of your windows to their original condition.  Understanding the nature and extent of the damage to the windows will help your insurance adjuster efficiently process your claim.  It is recommended to hire a professional glass restoration company for a fast and accurate Window Damage Assessment. This will help speed up the restoration process, allowing your facility to get back to normal operations as quickly as possible.

Even if a window’s glass itself hasn’t broken, its overall condition may be compromised in other areas. A window left unrepaired can lead to not only unhappy tenants, but conveys an poor image.

Through our complete Window Damage Assessment, Glasspro Restoration will inspect your windows for damage and provide you with a documented and detailed assessment. If you need to repair windows at your building, we will tell you what needs to be repaired, what needs to be replaced, and why.  We can also provide you with a quotation for refinishing any scratch, acid, paint and cement damage on your glass. (The cost of a window assessment is often covered by your insurance.)

Please call us to discuss your needs if you require a comprehensive window damage assessment.